Solemar Pompano Beach

1116 North Ocean Boulevard, Pompano Beach, FL 33062


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Unidad Precio MLS# Dormitorios / Baños pie² $/pie Cambiar Listado Detalles
4 dormitorios
803 $5,995,000 A11520726 4 4/1 4,096 $1,464 Nuevo Feb 2, 2024
3 dormitorios
1801 $3,490,000 A11468683 3 3/1 2,593 $1,346 6.93% Oct 13, 2023
1606 $3,430,000 F10402613 3 3/1 2,589 $1,325 8.53% Oct 1, 2023
901 $3,400,000 A11471806 3 3/1 2,593 $1,311 7.61% Oct 26, 2023
1404 $3,190,000 F10423375 3 3/1 2,293 $1,391 Nuevo Feb 10, 2024
501 $3,100,000 A11459817 3 3/1 2,593 $1,196 6.06% Sep 29, 2023
1604 $2,995,000 F10401625 3 3/1 2,290 $1,308 6.26% Oct 19, 2023
504 $2,689,000 F10402791 3 3/1 2,293 $1,173 3.93% Oct 5, 2023
502 $2,499,900 F10417482 3 2/1 2,037 $1,227 3.85% Jan 11, 2024
805 $2,450,000 F10402823 3 2/1 2,033 $1,205 5.59% Oct 6, 2023
2 dormitorios
1402 $2,595,000 F10405423 2 2/1 2,033 $1,276 Oct 19, 2023
1805 $2,450,000 A11486529 2 2/1 2,033 $1,205 7.55% Nov 22, 2023
1603 $2,399,000 F10405854 2 2/1 2,045 $1,173 11.12% Oct 20, 2023
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2 anuncios En renta
Unidad Precio MLS# Dormitorios / Baños pie² $/pie Cambiar Listado Detalles
3 dormitorios
1404 $20,000 F10423673 3 3/1 2,293 $9 Nuevo Feb 12, 2024 Ver
2 dormitorios
1603 $15,500 F10410529 2 2/1 2,045 $8 8.82% Nov 20, 2023 Ver
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Unidad Precio Precio vendido MLS# Dormitorios / Baños pie² $/pie Fecha de venta Días activos Detalles
1204 $2,749,000 $2,595,000 F10401008 3 3/1 2,290 $1,133 Dec 20, 2023 90 Ver
502 $2,475,000 $2,000,000 F10401077 2 2/1 2,037 $982 Nov 13, 2023 50 Ver

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General Information
Total residences in the building 105
Number of Stories 20
Año de construcción 2023
Average Maintenance Cost $1.28 Per Square Foot
Mascotas Permitidas NO
Valet Service NO
Oceanview From The Building YES
Currently Available For Sale and Rent
Total residences for sale 11
Total residences for rent 1
Average price per square foot 1287
Maximum price per square foot 1446
Minimum price per square foot 1173
Sold Units Statistics
Average price per square foot 1058
Maximum price per square foot 1133
Minimum price per square foot 982
Number Of Units Sold
Number of Units sold in 2023 2
Average price per square foot paid
Average price per square foot paid in 2023 1058


Solemar is a luxury condominium with 105 stunning residences located right on Pompano Beach. The Related Group is the developer, Arquitectonica developed the architecture, and Meyer Davis — the design. Top South Florida companies have created one of the most luxurious condominiums in recent years in Pompano Beach, which rises 76 meters above the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

A snow-white 20-story skyscraper with a low wave exterior reflects the serenity of life on the coast of a fast-growing city. The year-round shine of the southern sun and the lights of dynamic streets are reflected in the abundance of glass structures on the tower's facade. White symbolizes the purity of the Florida sky, and the restraint of the undulating building shape signifies the calm in the ocean of Pompano Beach's busy life. Three interconnected blocks give a sense of reliability and stability — this is what life will be like in Solemar, where every resident will receive perfect comfort in all aspects of life.

The Solemar concept is the integration of everyday life and endless beach holidays. It is enough to stay for a moment in a luxurious apartment to feel the peace and lightness in the surrounding space. A few minutes, during which you will drink your morning coffee on a deep balcony with transparent railings and see the ocean spread out at your feet, will fill you with the feeling of an endless summer. Sit back at the end of a day on the European plush sofa by the panoramic window and enjoy the stunning sunset over the Pompano Beach skyline.

All Solemar Residences have a walk-through layout that offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean on the east side and the azure bands of coastal canals on the west side. Choose among 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedroom apartments based on your individual space needs, or own an exclusive 21st-floor penthouse with an extended private terrace and outdoor relaxation area.

Each residence is fully finished and includes:

  • complete set of professional kitchen equipment;
  • designer kitchen cabinets made of high-quality eco-friendly materials;
  • floor-to-ceiling windows with double glazing and frames in white or metallic;
  • spacious master bedrooms with royal bathrooms, combined into a master block;
  • panoramic terraces and/or balconies.

The complex includes a part of the oceanfront with the finest white sand, many green spaces, and first-class facilities with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The private cinema in the complex is a circular room with soft, emerald-colored walls that provide stunning acoustics for a truly immersive experience. Grab popcorn from the bar with a huge range of drinks and snacks, stock up with 3D glasses, and enjoy the immersion in the world of your favorite movie with a group of friends on soft sofas with pillows.

Two infinity pools for watching sunrises and sunsets are located on the east and west side of the building. The East Pool opens directly to the Atlantic Ocean and is located on the ground floor to maximize your beach experience. The wide sandy strip and the ocean edge are a few meters away and are separated from the pool only by a few tall palm trees that cast light shade on the spacious sun deck. The western pool is located on the third floor. It offers beautiful views of the sun-drenched coastal canal and flowing city lines in the rays of the sunset through glass railings. Terraces have soft white sun loungers, coffee tables, and snacks.

There is a large seating area with a patio, hammocks, and a campfire bowl not far from the pool, on the ground floor. There is a covered pavilion with a bar and an open-air lounge area with soft armchairs on the third floor. You can relax, listening to the soothing splash of the surf, directly on the beach on the soft sun loungers near the water.

Solemar's own fitness center is equipped with high-tech equipment including multi-functional cardiovascular equipment, multi-mode treadmills, strength equipment, and more. There are separate areas for Pilates, yoga, and spinning. The sports areas overlook the tropical landscaped park by the pool and the ocean.

Solemar offers a stunning spa with designer rooms and a full range of services. The private cafe offers a varied menu, from which you can taste the dishes in the relaxing atmosphere of the cozy hall or order them directly to your apartment. The club room includes a wide range of leisure facilities, including multimedia and games tables. You can prepare coffee or snacks between rounds of the game in the nearby kitchen, fully equipped with professional equipment.

The complex provides 24-hour valet parking and 24/7 security. The concierge will be happy to provide you with personalized assistance with your condominium and Pompano Beach accommodation.

Solemar is the first luxury condominium in Pompano Beach with over 1200 square meters of green spaces. These include a landscaped park, picnic lawns, a tropical rooftop pavilion with a bar, shrub gardens in the recreation areas, and green islands in all public areas, including enclosed spaces. The facade of the building is decorated with curly vines with purple flowers.

Due to the unique architectural plan, the spaces in the condominium are always filled with fresh ocean air, but free from harsh drafts. The abundance of plants, open sun areas, and the proximity of the ocean make Solemar one of the best places for a healthy life in all Pompano Beach.


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