Villa Leone Brickell

2100 South Miami Avenue, Brickell, FL 33129
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Villa Leone is a luxury complex of five 3-story homes within walking distance from Brickell, the heart of Miami's financial life. Splendid villas ranging from 500 to 700 square meters set the standard of living in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on South Miami Avenue, close to five-star restaurants and famous brand stores.

The ultra-modern design of the exclusive villas reflects the famous architect Reinaldo Borges’ vision of the future. The elegant two-story residences have spacious living areas and are topped with the third semi-open floor with relaxation areas. The Borges’ project’s distinctive features are free spaces, harmonious, smooth transitions, and islands for calm outdoor recreation.

The Villa Leone’s interiors with light colors and natural wood and stone elements create an impeccable environment for concentration and relaxation. Anti-storm floor-to-ceiling windows with wide frames are designed to fill the rooms with as much light as possible. Internal living rooms smoothly merge into external ones, where the house is separated from the city by thin glass that reaches the floor. A long balcony with transparent railings complements the bedrooms.

Each residence has a private pool and a lift. The buildings are equipped with the emergency, warning, and security systems. Air conditioning is provided by advanced technology with high-speed air exchange. Tailor-made Italian kitchens are fitted with premium built-in appliances. The kitchen space opens up to a spacious living area connected with the pool deck, summer kitchen, and outdoor dining area through sliding glass doors. Partly covered with awnings, the roof terraces offer breathtaking views of the cityscape.

The landscape design embodies the country parks style elements. The green spaces around the house, freely letting in sunlight, turn into dense gardens that delimit the villa from the city.

Villa Leone's private community is the catalyst for the explosive growth of South Miami Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods. Alongside historic homes and contemporary luxury residences, Villa Leone is shaping the new “Billionaire Row” with a modern rethink. Reinaldo Borges' unique homes showcase Miami's future millennium and reflect the culture of the early 21st century, gracefully complementing it with elements of the past.


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